The Canine Physiotherapy and Performance Centre

In 2021, Joanne established The Canine Physiotherapy and Performance Centre after years of treating dogs within a veterinary hospital and their own homes. The centre is based at the North East Business and Innovation Centre with easy access from the A19 and the A1. It is self-contained with state of the art equipment and evidence based practice.

What do we offer

The centre provides treatment for dogs with injuries and conditions affecting mobility as well as performance enhancement for sport and working dogs. Conditions treated include neurological and orthopaedic issues, soft tissue injuries and arthritis.

We provide individual treatment and home care programmes aimed towards enhancing performance and minimising the risk of injury in sporting and working dogs.

A variety of manual therapies and electrotherapy modalities are available, including therapeutic laser, therapeutic ultrasound, pulsed electromagnetic field therapy (PEMF), transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS), and neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES). Additionally, the centre is equipped with a state of the art dry treadmill.

Our Ethos

We are passionate about the health and wellbeing of your dog and will provide you with a unique treatment programme tailored specifically for him/her. We understand the importance of sharing knowledge with owners and, when appropriate, will teach physiotherapy skills and techniques that can be used at home to promote rehabilitation and wellbeing in your dog.

On a professional level, we are keen to assist veterinary nurses in developing their inpatient physiotherapy care and provide CPD for veterinary practices.

The Canine Rehabilitation and Performance Centre will always seek veterinary permission before rehabilitation treatment commences.